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Vintage Buying Guide, taking the mystery out of finding the right size

Before you purchase your lovely vintage piece you can refer to this guide to help measure & get the best fit.

All of our pieces are laid on a flat surface and measured seam to seam.
Shoulders are measured seam to seam.
Sleeves measured shoulder seam to cuff.
Underarm/pit, bust, waist, hip are all measured flat then doubled so that you get the full dimensions.
Shoulder to waist: measured flat, on the back of the garment.
Length measured on the back of the garment shoulder or neckline to hemline.
For example: underarm 17" flat doubles to 34", waist 14" flat doubles to 28". 
Always allow at least 1-2" for movement in the waist and hip area for movement. This also applies to jackets, coats & blazers. 
*If your waist is 27" and the item measures 27" it will not fit you, it will be too small.
Hawaiian shirts are meant to be worn looser than a regular oxford or tee shirt. 


Vintage clothing sizes generally run smaller than the size indicated on the tag. It is best to measure a garment that is similar and see if the measurements compare.
Always allow room to move in the item you choose. Take into consideration if the fabric stretches or not.

Mint - As new, with no flaws or wear.
Excellent - Used, worn with few flaws.
Very Good - Used, with minor flaws and signs of wear.
Fair - Numerous flaws, repairs needed, fragile.
Poor - Extensive damage. For display or study only.

We hand wash, dry clean or steam clean all of the pieces that we sell. Exceptions are noted on the listing.

We carefully inspect every item for flaws. The condition is described on each listing. We repair seams, tighten loose buttons, replace a zipper where needed.  Exceptions are noted on the listing. We do offer some pieces for study/display. This is due to fragility or damage. The piece may still have some value but might be to fragile or damaged for actual wear.   

Please feel free to contact us with any questions prior to purchasing a piece.

We do not accept returns on vintage pieces so please be sure to check measurements and condition prior to purchasing.

Each color monitor reads colors differently. If you have any questions about color please contact us to clarify. We do not accept returns based on color as it appears on your monitor.

VINTAGE FOOTWEAR come in so many styles, shapes, and sizes. 

Boots, pumps, oxfords, sandals the possibilities are endless. 
Fit and condition are two major factors in vintage shoe shopping.

Knowing how to measure is very important.
Refer to the photos for more info on how to measure. 
You'll need a pliable tape measure to get to the interior of the shoe.

1. Measure the shoe/boot heel to toe on the exterior. Make sure you push the shoe up to a wall to include the entire length. 
2. Measure the sole on the widest part side to side, on the ball of the shoe/boot for the width. 
3. Measure the interior of the shoe/boot if you can comfortably do so, heel to toe.
4. Measure the heel height.
5. Measure the overall height of the shoe/boot from the bottom of the heel to the top.
6. Calf - for boots measured along the interior top of the boot.
7. Ankle - for boots measured on the exterior side to side.



Contact:  hellopapillonvintageshop@gmail.com  



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